• Nexiq USB-Link 2
• USB cable
• 6-pin/9-pin Deutsch adapter
• 493013 OBD2 adapter



• Isuzu Global Diagnostic Service System (G-IDSS) [2020] – All region trucks except North America (J2534)


• Isuzu Diagnostic Service System (US-IDSS) [2020] – North American trucks only (Nexiq)

Dsecription for Isuzu Diagnostic Service System (IDSS)
Description for Global Isuzu Diagnostic Service System (G-IDSS)

Isuzu Diagnostic Service System (IDSS) is a comprehensive diagnostic tool which houses Service Information (including Electrical Troubleshooting Manual), Scan Tool, Service Programming, Bulletins and some training to support all Isuzu manufactured products. The system utilizes a laptop in conjunction with an industry standard J2534 vehicle interface device. Updating the system software is accomplished via the Internet.


The IDSS supports Isuzu manufactured product models 1996-2020 year:

• Stripped Chassis w/3.0L Diesel (4JJ1);
• N-Series w/3.0L Diesel (4JJ1);
• N-Series w/5.2L Diesel (4HK1);
• N-Series w/6.0L Gas;
• N/W Series w/5.2L Diesel (4HK1);
• N/W Series w/6.0L Gas;
• F/T Series w/7.8L Diesel (6HK1);
• H/C Series w/7.8L Diesel (6HK1);
• C-Series w/7.8L Diesel (6HK1);
• N/W Series w/4.8L Diesel (4HE1);
• FRR/WT5500 w/7.8L Diesel (6HK1);
• N/W Series w/5.7L (CAL) Gas;
• N/W Series w/5.7L (FED) Gas.


The reasons for the IDSS are:

• Need for a comprehensive common support tool in one package:
– Scan tool;
– Service Programming;
– Service Information and Bulletins.
• Need flexible system to fit GM and Isuzu’s needs in medium duty business:
– HP change;
– PTO settings at the Dealer, Fleet and Port levels;
– Data Monitor System (Fuel economy, codes, operation status etc.);
– Diesel Particulate Filter testing for 2007i emissions;
– Release timing control;
– On-demand changes.
• Need for Internet updating and internet communication to dealers.
• View service information.
• View electrical shematics.
• View service bulletins (1984-2014).
• Use scan tool for diagnostic and controller programming.


Supported languages: English.

Global Isuzu Diagnostic Service System (G-IDSS) is designed to support Isuzu Commercial Vehicles. Vehicle / engine configurations and controller systems will be supported for future vehicles. Program supports Isuzu manufactured product models of 2007-2017 year. Export (all regions except Norht America) and Domestic.


G-IDSS functions are:

• Service Infomration:
• Diagnostics (Engine, Transmission, Chasis, Body);
• Controller Programming.


Supported languages: English.

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