Scania Eur6 V8 Engines 16L SCR/DPF Emulator
Scania Eur6 V8 Engines 16L SCR/DPF Emulator


•  Newest generation pre-programmed scr emulator for Scania Euro 6 V8 Engines 16L manufactured from 2014 to 2017

•  Experienced specialist professional support
•  Detailed manuals

•  2 years warranty

Advantages of EMUlator
  • Emulation of whole AdBlue system (EEC including DPF)
  • Unique on-off function from Driver Menu – without making additional wiring 
  • Fully water resistant (need to be mounted outside the cabin – no CAN in cabin)
  • Very small device (can fit in wire harness)
  • Produced from industrial components

SCR / DPF Emulator For Scania Euro 6 Trucks manufactured from 2014 to 2017. V8 Engines 16L.


Emulated Components of AdBlue system:

  • Pump including pressure sensor
  • NOx Sensor Downstream
  • NOx Sensor Upstream
  • Combined temperature sensor
  • DPF differential pressure sensor
  • AdBlue level and temperature sensor

Models compatibile (Series):

  • R
  • P
  • G

All Series manufactured from 2014 to 2017. New Series 2017 till now are not supported by this emulator !!

Engines compatibile:

  • V8 Engines 16L

ADVANTAGES of using emulator ADBLUE:

  • The AdBlue emulator is a device which is designed to override controls of the original onboard SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction). Such a device installed on compatible vehicles takes control over the whole SCR system imitating its function. While installed it keeps the SCR system inactive, and at the same time it sends the necessary data to the central Engine Control Unit.
  • There are no errors on the OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) system because the AdBlue emulator stimulates all of the parameters and data.


  • No loss of engine power, no increased fumes from the exhaust system, no Diagnostic Trouble Code errors. No consumption of Diesel Exhaust Fluid.


  • The device is easy to install and uninstall at any time of need or convenience. It does not interfere with the vehicle’s electronic system.
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