VAS 6154A Diagnostic kit
VAS 6154A Diagnostic kit

VAS 6154A Diagnostic kit


Please note, that this product comes without diagnostic software!


The VAS 6154A is the most recent interface for the diagnostic and programming applications VAG ODIS. This device is the modern alternative to VAS6154 and VAS 5054A.


This interface can be used with all VW, VW Commercial, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley and Lamborghini vehicles dated 2000 and onwards. This includes both new models as well as future vehicles. A genuine dealer diagnostics interface tool and a great addition to your workshop, available for Off-board Diagnostic Information Service from version 3.0.3 onward.

Enables data transfer from the vehicle’s interface to the diagnosis equipment.

  • Flexibility. A USB can be used if preferred over a wireless connection. This also ensures a reliable wired data transmission to the diagnosis unit.
  • Infrastructure mode. Numerous network-capable devices can be linked together (network subscribers).
  • Please note, you’ll require a WLAN access point for wireless network connectivity. This access point forms the connection to WLAN-ready subscribers.
  • Point-to-point connection (via a wireless connection). This enables you to create a radio network and take on the role of a radio access point (Access Point). An immediate connection is made between the diagnosis unit and the diagnosis interface.
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